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Creating Sacred Spaces with Tara Rayburn during the Young Living Success Summit 2019

Drops of Wisdom

Initially Drops of Wisdom was a post, then a class and then a presentation during the Young Living Success Summit 2018 online. Now Drops of Wisdom is ever growing and spreading support for our world. Wisdom is beyond book knowledge and clever techniques. We aim to spread that sweet wisdom that surpasses the test of time through live and online events, posts and social media. For the most current updates visit Drops of Wisdom 101 on Facebook


Tara Rayburn - The Healthy Habit Coach

Sharing uplifting habits for the mind, body and soul is what I was put here to do. I don't believe in "doing" social media. Instead I "practice" social ministry. I invite you to join me at The Healthy Habit Coach, Tara Rayburn and Faith Habits as well.


Young Living Essential Oil - #866847

If you do not already use Young Living Essential Oils please contact me or visit my Young Living Website

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